NCS services include architecture and design consulting, development services, product customization services, alogorithm and protocol development and integration services to help solve tough design challenges and accelerate hardware/software development in the area of Wired and Wireless Networks.

Our team is committed to bringing you high quality deliverables to provide optimized and cost effective solutions to your company’s hardware and software requirements. However, sometimes you may find out that the product is lacking some of features which are important for you. What to do? You can hire our professionals.

Our development team consists of highly skilled professionals who have a wide experience in product development cycle. We assure you that our team will make all the improvements you require quickly and with the very best quality. All modifications will be closely integrated with the product

We conduct facilitation programs to help our clients with the required know how needed to get the most out of our Products viz: Network Emulator, Network Simulator and Network Analyzer. Training Models could be classroom based, web-based, and a series of self-guided tutorials and videos.

Our expertise lies in the fields of electronics hardware, software and projects including the designs for:

  • Embedded systems design using microcontroller & microprocessors
  • High Density FPGA design and development
  • Deployment of security systems for Enterprise Networks providing storage and backup solutions for SMES.
  • Simulation of Networks designing and deployment for E-governance, Defense and Enterprises.
  • Complete software development for Windows and Linux platforms. We have expert programmers in C, C++, Visual Basic & Visual C++
  • Turnkey project undertaking, electronic product development