EXata Network Modeling allows the user to create a network digital twin, for real-time network simulation and emulation that replicates the behavior of a network. The emulator provides an exact, high quality, reproduction of external behavior so that the emulated system is indistinguishable from the real system. Network Emulation software provides a cost-effective method of evaluating new network technologies before actual systems or networks are built.

EXata uses a software virtual network (SVN) to digitally represent the entire network, the various protocol layers, antennas, and devices. The system can interoperate, at one or more protocol layers, with real radios and devices to provide hardware-in-the-loop capabilities. EXata can also be connected to systems with real applications, which run on the SVN just as they would run on real networks.

Exata Communication Effects:

What Makes the EXata Unique?

  • Test and validate interoperability, scalability, and performance: Seamless integration with live equipment such as servers, computers, radios, and sensors as well as a full network environment
  • Accurately analyze behavior under different network conditions: Integrate with live applications such as VoIP, chat, video feeds, file transfers, and database queries 
  • Analyze and capture network traffic with packet sniffer/analysis tools
  • Interaction with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managers from companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and SolarWinds