Robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks.

About K-Team

K-Robots were initially developed for use by multidisciplinary researchers working in the field of artificial intelligence, behavior studies etc., and thus are well adapted for use in a wide spectrum of research applications.K-Team Corporation is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research.

K-Team Solutions have been successfully deployed in over 600 universities and industrial research centers in the world.


Product Description

  • Our robots are simple to use. Built to be used by those who may not necessarily have extensive robotics expertise, our robots are simple to use, simple to program and well documented.
  • Our robots are high-performance and very small, requiring very little area for use. A normal table for a Khepera is the same as a tennis court for a robot 50 cm in diameter! Koala is one of the smallest full terrain robots available, The Kilobot is designed to make tests of collective algorithms on hundreds or thousands of robots accessible to robotics researchers.
  • Our robots are reliable and can be used by people with little experience in electronics and mechanics.
  • Kilobot is the smallest of our robots and can be used on an ordinary desktop. Its compact size and equally compact price.
  • Khepera is medium sized and along with numerous extensions make it a fantastic research tool.
  • The Koala is larger, more powerful, and a better platform for implementing custom electronics on the robot, on-board video processing applications, and for rough terrain.
  • The KoreBot board is a modular hardware controller which allows the creation of custom robots. The software, hardware and mechanical modularity leave all options open for virtually any research project.
  • Evolutionary Robotics
  • Genetic algorithms and Programming
  • Artificial Evolutions and Adaptive Systems
  • Sensing Systems
  • Collective Robotics Design
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Real Time Programming
  • Therapy assistant for autistic patients




  • Differential drive locomotion,
  • On-board computation power,
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor communication,
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor distance sensing, and ambient light sensing.
  • Additionally they are designed to operate such that no robot requires any individual attention by a human operator. This makes controlling a group of Kilobots easy, whether there are 10 or 1000 in the group.


  • Ant colony optimization.
  • Mining
  • Micro Machinery
  • Agricultural Foraging
  • Collective algorithm testing


Kilobot Controller

The Kilobot controller board with the controller software can manage a large amount of Kilobots at one time

kilobots Charger

The Kilobot charger is a very useful tool allowing you to charge up to 10 Kilobots at one time.

kilobots Charger


  • The robot base includes an array of 9 Infrared Sensors for obstacle detection.
  • 5 Ultrasonic Sensors for long range object detection.
  • It also proposes an optional front pair of ground Infrared Sensors for line following and table edge detection.
  • The robot motor blocks are Swiss made quality mechanical parts, using very high quality DC motors for efficiency and accuracy.
  • The swappable battery pack system provides a unique solution for almost continuous experiments, as an empty battery can be replaced in a couple of seconds and charged.


  • Navigation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-Agents System
  • Control
  • Collective Behavior
  • Real-Time Programming
  • Advanced Electronics Demonstration
  • Object transport

kilobots Charger


  • Compact size
  • Highly modular with a wide variety of expansion options
  • Powerful computational capabilities
  • Easy to control
  • Full Khepera compatibility
  • Affordable


  • Tele manipulation
  • Path planning and navigation study
  • Object research and recognition
  • Surveillance
  • Object transport Tour guide
  • Automatic vacuum cleaner

A powerful 3D robot simulator, which features several versatile calculation modules (inverse kinematics, Physics/dynamics, collision detections, minimum distance calculations, path planning, etc.), a distributed control architecture (unlimited number of control scripts, threaded or non-threaded), and several extension mechanisms (plug-ins, custom client application, etc.).It offers a multitude of functionalities that can be easily integrated and combined through an exhaustive API and script functionality.

V-REP is the perfect tool for fast prototyping and verification, remote monitoring, fast algorithm development, robotics related education, and simulation of factory automation systems. A V-REP plug-in was specifically developed to allow an intuitive, easy and realistic Khepera robot simulation.

A new powerful mechanism was developed to allow easy access to V-REP API functions from external applications (e.g. robots): the remote API. It can be bound with Python, Java, Matlab and Urbi.

The software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.


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