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Wireless Sensor Networks & IOT

About Zolertia

Zolertia is a company, settled in Barcelona, Spain and is primarily into R&D on WSN & IoT Engineering, with more than 10 years of experience focused in hardware and firmware development for the following markets:

  • WSN
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial

Salient Features of Z1 are as follows:

  • 2.4GHz IEEE® 802.15.4 & 6LowPAN Compatible 
  • Up to x4 Analog Phidgets
  • 2nd Generation MSP430 (F2617) 
  • 52-pin Expansion Connector
  • Widely Adopted Radio: 

Zolertia Hardware Platform


Ceramic embedded antenna. 

U.FL connector for external antenna

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Built-in micro-USB connector for programming and debugging.

3- Axis accelerometer + temperature digital sensors, built-in external Flash Memory.


2 Phidgets sensor ports and Ziglet optional connector (I2C)

Applications using Zolertia

  • Immersing your device in IoT
  • Personal healthcare monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency detectors
  • Safe and rescue devices
  • Long-term unattended monitoring
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Agricultural monitoring

Potential custom services

  • Hardware customization
  • Network deployment
  • Monitoring SW

Potential Collaborations

  • Defining new WSN trends
  • Design next-gens

Zolertia open source supported operating systems


Z1 Gateway Specifications:

The Gateway comes with: 

  • ALIX 6F2 board. 
  • 4GB CF card. 
  • Black metallic enclosure. 
  • AC/DC 18V charger. 
  • Internal Z1 mote. 
  • Custom pin header for internal connection of a Z1 mote. 
  • Internal RTC battery. 
  • Built-in external 5dBi antennae for Z1 mote. 
  • A WLAN 802.11a/b/g mini-PCI Module DCMA-81 with a 5dBi antennae. 

List of Experiments using Zolertia Motes: 

  • Write a program to display “Hello World” in the terminal window.
  • Write a program to turn on red LED of the module along with message in terminal “Red LED Turned ON”.
  • Write a program to sense the button and display the message “I pushed the button!” on the terminal window when button is pressed.
  • Write a program to turn ON and OFF the LED when button is pressed and display the status of the LED.
  • Write a program to display status of battery for every two seconds.
  • Write a program to sense the ambient temperature and display the integer value on the terminal.
  • Write a program to send the ambient temperature to cloud platform.
  • Write a program to show single tap, double tap and free fall whenever you tap on top of the board.

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